Papers (12)

1.Town crier: An authenticated data feed for smart contracts Zhang, Fan and Cecchetti, Ethan and Croman, Kyle and Juels, Ari and Shi, Elaine. 2016.   
2.Towards scaling blockchain systems via sharding Dang, Hung and Dinh, Tien Tuan Anh and Loghin, Dumitrel and Chang, Ee-Chien and Lin, Qian and Ooi, Beng Chin. 2019.
3.Tesseract: Real-Time Cryptocurrency Exchange using Trusted Hardware. Bentov, Iddo and Ji, Yan and Zhang, Fan and Li, Yunqi and Zhao, Xueyuan and Breidenbach, Lorenz and Daian, Philip and Juels, Ari. 2017.
4.FastKitten: Practical Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Das, Poulami and Eckey, Lisa and Frassetto, Tommaso and Gens, David and Host\'akov\'a, Kristina and Jauernig, Patrick and Faust, Sebastian and Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza. 2019.
5.Teechain: Reducing storage costs on the blockchain with offline payment channels Lind, Joshua and Naor, Oded and Eyal, Ittay and Kelbert, Florian and Pietzuch, Peter and Sirer, Emin G\"un. 2018.
6.Zlite: Lightweight clients for shielded zcash transactions using trusted execution W\"ust, Karl and Matetic, Sinisa and Schneider, Moritz and Miers, Ian and Kostiainen, Kari and \vCapkun, Srdjan. 2019.
7.CommiTEE: An Efficient and Secure Commit-Chain Protocol using TEEs Andreas Erwig and Sebastian Faust and Siavash Riahi and Tobias Stöckert. 2020.
8.Efficient fair multiparty protocols using Blockchain and trusted hardware Paul, Souradyuti and Shrivastava, Ananya. 2019.
9.Complete Knowledge: Preventing Encumbrance of Cryptographic Secrets Kelkar, Mahimna and Babel, Kushal and Daian, Philip and Austgen, James and Buterin, Vitalik and Juels, Ari. 2023.
10.Platypus: Offchain protocol without synchrony Ranchal-Pedrosa, Alejandro and Gramoli, Vincent. 2019.
11.A Survey of Secure Computation Using Trusted Execution Environments Li, Xiaoguo and Zhao, Bowen and Yang, Guomin and Xiang, Tao and Weng, Jian and Deng, Robert H.. 2023.
12.Aion: Secure Transaction Ordering using TEEs Zarbafian, Pouriya and Gramoli, Vincent. 2023.